Microsoft Plans To Kill The PC Industry, Says Former Employee

Joachim Kempin has really been in the news lately, which is not all that surprising considering the guy just launched his new book (titled Resolve and Fortitude) where the Redmond veteran spilled the beans on Microsoft’s history.

The former vice president of Windows Sales division actually left the company way back in 2003.

But any publicity is good publicity, and Kempin knows this. He recently talked to IGN with a view that Microsoft has forsaken the PC industry, and suggested that the company focus back on the PC:

“It’s what they’re doing to the PC manufacturers. When they announced Surface, the tablet, and the upcoming notebook, they’re trying to go their own way again. They’re abandoning the partnership model which has worked for the last 20, 30 years and whoever the partners are they are not happy about it. I personally think it’s a mistake, but Ballmer doesn’t think so and he runs the company.”

Ultimately, Kempin is not the only one who thinks Redmond’s new strategy may negatively affect the hardware market.

Several computer vendors have already made clear their reservations in this regard that Microsoft, with building its own hardware and releasing new products, will ultimately end up competing with the ones released by its partners.

In fact, Acer CEO was one of the first to suggest that Microsoft is actually planning to kill the entire ecosystem with its own products — helped by more than $63 billion in cash.

All the while rumors are growing that Microsoft is gearing up to launch new Surface models later this year, one of which is supposed to be a Surface gaming tablet.

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