Microsoft Plans To Make Windows 8 Cheaper To Challenge Android


Google’s Android platform has, in the recent past, established itself as the de facto mobile standard in various parts of the globe. Apple may enjoy sales numbers, but Google rakes in the statistics.

All the while Microsoft desperately wants to bring cheaper Windows 8 devices to the market, in its bid to capture as large a user base, as soon as possible.

The latest rumor is that the software titan is planning to provide PC manufactures with notably significant Windows 8 discounts in order to bring cheaper devices to the store shelves.

Not just that, Redmond is also actively trying to make its mark in the tablet sector with more affordable units than the ones currently available.

A new report at Business Insider cites Topeka Capital analyst Brian White who claims that Microsoft is pondering over a new discount campaign that would allow hardware companies to install Windows 8 on their tablets at a lower cost.

This would in turn lower the overall cost of the devices when they hit the market.

No details yet on what the final price of Windows 8 would be, but the analyst believes that Microsoft’s latest plan is supposed to help the company duke it with Android devices — even as Apple remains the king of the tablet market.

Microsoft is yet to confirm or deny the discount plan, but expect more on this very soon, as apparently the promotion is expected to go live later this month.

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