Microsoft Plans To Make Windows Blue Available In The Windows Store

Windows boss Julie Larson-Green already announced at the Wired Business Conference yesterday that Microsoft will release the preview version of Windows Blue operating system next month.

The preview version is said to be unveiled at the BUILD developer conference.

Additionally, Larson-Green revealed that Windows 8 users that are planning to switch to Windows Blue (also known as Windows 8.1) will be able to find the upgrade in the Windows Store. In other words, Redmond wants to ensure the transition is as seamless and as fast as possible.

And most likely, it could be offered free of charge — to Windows 8 owners, at least.

No other details were provided on this upcoming upgrade to Windows, but Microsoft executives have hinted that a Start button may be part of Windows Blue, in some way, shape or form. Some have also suggested that the Start button will only act as a simple shortcut to the newly introduced Start Screen.

Insider sources have also indicated that Redmond is pondering the introduction of a new option that would allow users to skip the Start Screen and boot directly to the desktop.

While most of this is just speculation (strong speculation, maybe), we will only know the full details of what is in store for the operating system once the public preview of Windows Blue hits the web.

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