Microsoft Plans To Unify UWP And Win32 Apps

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Finally! In what might be the final nail in the Universal Windows Platform coffin, Microsoft is all ready to talk about it plans to unify UWP and Win32 apps at BUILD 2020.

What turned out to be a platform disaster was originally supposed to be the future of Windows.

And while we did get a few good applications out of it, developers more or less shied away from UWP, even with Redmond enticing them with the promise of coding once and having their applications function on desktops tablets, and phones alike.

Let’s just say that things did not go according to plan.

And now, the company is ready to describe how it plans to move ahead from here. As spotted, it has a range of sessions lined up at the upcoming BUILD developer conference on how it will evolve and unify the classic Win32 and UWP platforms.

Under the fancy WinUI framework:

“WinUI is Microsoft’s UI framework of the future for every app on Windows, designed to work in both Universal (UWP) and Desktop (Win32) apps. Come learn how WinUI provides a path forward for every Windows Developer, whether you’re using WinForms, WPF, MFC, native or .NET, and more!”

That’s just one session description, there are about half a dozen of them.

Give the BUILD 2020 session catalog a look to learn about everything that is in store.

Speaking of stores, there is no denying that the Microsoft Store suffered from this fragmentation within Windows, which not only left many a developer frustrated, but also impacted the user base. While Apple and Google saw wins via their streamlined vision, things never quite picked up pace here.

Unfortunately, the descriptions only tease, and don’t tell us anything concrete about the specifics of what Microsoft is planning.

We do know that it is getting rid of UWP altogether.

How? We’ll just have to wait until BUILD 2020 officially kicks off next week.

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