Microsoft Posts An Out Of Stock Notification For 128GB Surface Pro

Well, well, well. Guess who just pulled a disappearing act? The Surface Pro 128GB shortage saga just took another turn, this time with an “Out of stock” notification posted by Microsoft on its official website.

It seems that Microsoft has completely run out of the larger capacity model.

So much so that the radio button to select the tablet on the official website is grayed out. What this means for the pre-order program the company was running a few days back is anybody’s guess.

Oh well, stuff happens. The device sold out in just a few hours after its public launch on February 9, but Microsoft quickly promised to deliver more units in the United States soon. A few small batches arrived by the end of the first week, but they too were instantly snapped up.

Latest reports suggest that the 128GB model of the Surface Pro is now completely sold out in the United States and Canada.

The only chance to get your hands on a Surface Pro slate is to make the plunge for the 64GB variant, or wait another few weeks till early March when Redmond is expected to deliver more units to stores across North America.

Across North America, because if this keeps up (and production is not amplified) it could be a long wait for prospective buyers in other parts of the globe, including important destinations like Europe and Asia.

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