Microsoft Preparing Another 4-Inch Windows Phone

Redmond seems to have found a sweet spot with the 4-inch Windows Phone idea when it comes to pricing, and the company is reportedly readying another such device.

Word is that a new handset has been spotted, one that is currently labeled as RM-1099.

It sports a 4-inch display along with dual SIM capabilities, and although complete details are scarce, it looks like this is another addition to the low end lineup of Lumia devices from Microsoft. It might be marketed alongside the Lumia 435.

Which currently is the most affordable Lumia smartphone available.

The company needs this in order to tackle the seemingly endless stream of affordable Android handsets that hit store shelves on a regular basis. Plus on the flipside, these budget handsets open up the possibilities for users to move up to a better device the next time they upgrade.

While at the same time being enticing for first time smartphone buyers.

However, Microsoft has to ensure that it does not trespass the market of many of its new Windows Phone partners that signed up last year — most local manufacturers started offering budget and midrange devices, and Lumia handsets at the same price points are sure to undercut them.

Then again, that’s all the company has plans for right now.

At least, until the time Windows 10 for Phones makes its debut, which should pave way for Windows Phone new flagships to hit store shelves.

Fall 2015, by most estimates.

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