Microsoft Preparing Power Cover For Surface With Built In Battery

Redmond is reportedly working on its second generation Surface tablet lineup, but at the same time the technology titan promised a bunch of new accessories for its branded slates that are to be released in the near future.

And we just may have details on a rather interesting component that is in development.

Dubbed Power Cover, this accessory is designed for increasing battery life of the tablets. As the name so readily gives away, this is a keyboard that houses a battery, which can be used to extend the operating time of the Surface tablet that it is attached to.

WinSuperSite has the details, and while the accessory should ship this year, it appears that that the Power Cover will not be compatible with the existing Surface RT tablets.

What this means is that the accessory should work with the existing Surface Pro, and the newer models that will be released by Microsoft — the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2. Tough luck for Surface RT owners, but at least that particular slate has enough juice to last a fair while.

The underlying technology of the Power Cover is said to be rather interesting.

It will be based on the same design concept as the Type Cover, meaning it would weigh around 1.1 pounds (520 grams). The thickness, however, is changed. While the Type Cover comes in at 0.21 inches (5.33 mm) in thickness, the new Power Cover will see this upped to 0.38 inches (9.75 mm).

But while this is a fair tradeoff, the real prize is how simply the accessory works.

When connected to a Surface tablet, the keyboard will become a power supply, meaning it will charge the slate until its own battery completely drains out. And once the Surface slate is plugged into a socket, the Power Cover will recharge together with the tablet.

So not only does the Power Cover improve battery life, it also offers quick recharging times.

As of right now, Microsoft has not made any of this official — at least not yet. But as noted above, the Power Cover is very likely to ship this year, and the technology titan could official unveil it together with the second generation Surface lineup in October.

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