Microsoft Promises Continued Updates For Surface Tablets

The Surface lineup of tablets was Microsoft’s first major foray into the hardware realm. Sure, the company had several successful hardware devices to its name before it, but most were accessories and auxiliaries.

Surface RT and then Surface Pro were Redmond’s first real hardware platform.

And needless to say things have probably not gone as well as the company hoped for in terms of supply and service. The devices themselves have been received to acclaim, but shortages and bugs have taken their toll on the company and users alike.

Now in a post on the official Surface blog, the company shared some details on how things currently are how they will shape up with regards to bug fixes and updates:

“When we started working on Surface we put the customer experience at the heart of all that we did. That is still true today and as such, over the coming months, you’ll continue to see updates and improvements made available to both Surface RT and Surface Pro customers.

This includes further updates to the wireless system to reduce the instances where Limited Connectivity is reported as well as an update to the Surface Pen driver to enable pressure functionality in Adobe Photoshop with Surface Pro.”

Surface slates have in the past few months suffered from issues large and small — Wi-Fi connectivity problems to issues with brightness and stylus sensitivity. Not to mention, tablets not waking up from sleep. Some of them have been taken care of others are not as easy to.

Nevertheless, it is good to see Microsoft actively trying to iron out these issues, and continued updates are a step in the right direction. Particularly when you consider, these tablets are about to go global.

And in case you were wondering, the blog post provides no concrete word on when they will go on sale in markets around the world. The Surface Pro version, in particular, is highly anticipated in many places.

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