Microsoft Promises More Frequent Security Updates For Its Modern Apps

Redmond has crafted a pretty neat plan when it comes to launch updates to its software. The software giant consolidates all its monthly updates and rolls them out on the second Tuesday of the month, which it has labeled as Patch Tuesday.

But there are some things in life that demand a different strategy.

Microsoft has now promised to offer security updates for its collection of Modern apps installed in Windows 8 more frequently. This is in line its efforts to ensure users and their data on its newest operating system are always on the safe side.

Mike Reavey, the senior director, MSRC at Microsoft Trustworthy Computing said in blog post:

“Our goal is to have a quick, transparent and painless security update process. With this in mind, we will deliver high quality security updates for Windows Store apps as they become available. This applies to Microsoft apps that are installed using the Windows Store and to apps like Mail, which are preinstalled with Windows 8 but updated using the Windows Store.

Providing security updates to these apps more frequently will allow us to add new functionality, fix issues and improve security. This will also help developers to avoid introducing new issues during the update process.”

Microsoft has also promised to release security advisories for every single update for its Windows Store apps. And just in case you are wondering, these swift new updates will not be delivered via the Windows Update feature that is integrated into Windows 8.

Instead, you will need to manually go to the Windows Store and manually deploy these new versions, just like you would do so for any other modern app.

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