Microsoft provides details about it's Mail application in Windows 8

Windows 8 blog, explaining more about the new Mail app in Windows 8. The new Mail app has been designed to  be fast and fluid, be great with touch and a keyboard and mouse, focus on your content, provide the right features at the right time, and fulfill our expectations of email on modern devices. Microsoft did a survey and found that people use multiple accounts with multiple folders. So they worked on a 3-pane design making it easier to switch between accounts and also switching between folders. In Release Preview, Microsoft, updated the message list to show as many messages as possible, to help the user get through his email more quickly. The message list spans from the top to the bottom of the app, doesn’t show a message preview, and uses a smaller font than before. At a resolution of 1366×768, this allows the user to see 14 messages instead of the 8.5 messages you could see in Consumer Preview. The reading pane makes it fast and fluid to switch between messages, so you don’t need to go through a full page transition.   The reading pane has been optimized to be 640px wide so it can fit newsletters, receipts, and other commercial mail without showing a horizontal scrollbar. Also, Microsoft found that when using our default reading font, 640px is the optimal width for reading a line of text so that the user don’t get eye fatigue or lose your place. The screen you see when writing an email is composed of two panes, side-by-side, so that you have more room to write your message. The touch keyboard limits the amount of vertical space available, so it didn’t make sense to put the To, Cc, and other information above the body of the email. To create more space for the content, Microsoft put the To and Cc lines in one pane, and the subject and body into another. This also groups the info logically: all the information related to addressing the message is in one group, and the content is in another. The formatting commands are hidden by default to give the user more space to write email. The mail app has been natively designed for Windows 8. It supports snap feature. So you can read your mail by snapping another program side to it. Printing a mail has been made easier than ever before. Just select the mail you want to print, go to the the devices menu in the charms bar, select the printer and click the print option. 9780749009175_p0_v1_s260x420 That’s how easy it is.  You can share any anything with your friend using the mail app.  Mail app has a live tile, so you can know if you have recieved a mail at a glance, without having the need to open the app. The mail app also shows notification on your lock screen so you can get updates about your mail even without unlocking the device.

“Email is an important part of our daily lives. We’re still continually working to improve Mail and have many more features on the way. Today we’re excited about the response to the app and the first preview release. We believe that people want a great email app that meets their modern expectations and, based on usage, we are seeing this in the Windows 8 Mail app.” Microsoft quotes.
You can read more at the Building Windows 8 Blog. Have you tried the mail app in Windows 8 Release preview? Please share your experience below.]]>

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