Microsoft provides details of it's Windows Store

  • Microsoft will allow developers and vendors to offer free trials of their software.
  • Disney was the first partner mentioned.
  • You will be able to convert your game from a trial version to a paid version seamlessly.
  • The Windows app store is all written in HTML 5 and JavaScript.
  • Applications in the store will be exposed and visible on all major search engines.
  • Internet Explorer 10 will have a linked button to apps in the store.
  • Another mention of the number of PC’s worldwide (1.25 Billion).
  • They are plugging the amount of Windows 7 PC’s (500 million) , much higher than the competition.
  • Picture of the Windows Store in China.
  • [caption id="attachment_10681" align="alignnone" width="590"]Windows Store China Windows Store China – Credit AllthingsD[/caption]
    •  There will be a localized version of the store in all languages supported by Microsoft.
    • The top 40 markets will have local pricing.
    • Developers will be paid in 20 different currencies.
    • Metro apps will have to be sold through the Windows Store, with the exception of enterprise applications.
    • Microsoft will be using a more hands off approach than the Apple and seem to indicate that they will take less for that transactions performed by the store than Apple will. *Stay tuned for more on that *
    • They are demoing apps now.
    • Seems like Microsoft will enable publishers to handle back end subscription using their own custom mechanisms.
      • Not sure if that only applies to large publishers.
      • Not sure what those tools are.
      • The example used here is the Daily Telegraph newspaper
    • Developers will also be free to release ad supported applications.
    • The Windows Store application models so far are
      • Free
      • Paid
      • Ad-supported
      • Subscription
      • Trial to Paid
    • Application Approval – Microsoft are trying to be tempered.
      • They will share QA tools with developers to minimize code errors.
      • Microsoft will offer developers access to stats and reports for their apps including sales etc but also including crash stats and performance statistics.
    • Microsoft will take 30% of developer revenue from the apps. When that application makes over $25,000, the percentage will drop to 20%. That’s curious because its the same as Apple and a sharp contrast to Google who take 5%. Strike One against the Windows Store.
    • The Windows Store will debut in February of 2012 with Windows 8. I guess that date has been confirmed now.
    • The store will start out with free applications and initially, application submissions will be by invite only.
      • This makes sense in order to iron out the bugs and make sure the process is manageable.
    That’s all I guess. I guess we’ll hear a lot more when Windows 8 Beta debuts in February.]]>

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