Microsoft Provides Insights Into The New Windows 10 Icons

Nothing beats a neatly written Medium post, and Microsoft has delivered one. The company has provided more insights into the new Windows 10 icons that are about to roll out for users.

Insiders were the first to test them out, while Redmond also made them available in build 19569.

New icons in Windows are usually big news, as an update like this does not happen that often. Windows 10 is getting its first major icon update some 5 years after its launch. And even then, these new icons are only aimed at the apps that come preinstalled with the OS.

Still, it is a reason for joy, and Christina Koehn explains, there is a definite ideology that went behind designing these icons.

Microsoft sees these icons as means of wayfinding, and knows how important consistency is to ensure that these icons help the users navigate the operating system. These redesigns may be an evolution, but they also keep in mind the legacy of the Windows OS.

Windows Mail Icon Evolution

Furthermore, maintaining familiarity across platforms was equally important.

A way to bring about a connection to the brand, so to say.

Interestingly, the blog post adds that the new designs incorporate rounded corners to be in line with new rounded corners across the Windows 10 interface — pointing at further design changes that may possibly be coming to the OS itself.

Overall, a fresh new look, a much needed one.

Most users will begin seeing these new icons through app updates, and newer versions of the OS will also definitely feature these Fluent Design infused icons right out the box.

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