Microsoft Pulls A Fast One, Announces Windows 10

name is sure to make people stop and notice. This probably was the tactic. However, the company seems to be ticking all the right boxes in terms of features and options that are to be part of this next flavor of the operating system. The familiar faces of Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson were at hand at the September 30 launch event, which itself was a rather private affair, open only to select members of the media. Microsoft has been kind enough to upload the entire keynote to YouTube, which you can watch here. And although the two executives did not talk in detail about the new features in Windows 10, this 40 minutes clip is still worth a watch to get some idea of Microsoft’s new direction. The development of Windows 10 is still in the earliest of stages, though. Almost all of the big new additions like Cortana, the Notification Center and Internet Explorer 12 are still to take form, and the same can be said of the user interface, which is still very similar to what the current Windows 8.1 offers. All said and done, there is little doubt that Microsoft is aiming big here, and working towards a total convergence of its operating platforms. It may take a while, but the journey promises much. We’ll find out where it takes us, come summer of 2015, the estimated timeframe when Windows 10 makes its public debut.]]>

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