Microsoft Pulls Out Of GDC 2020


Fiddlesticks! GDC 2020 just got hit! After major technology firms, including Microsoft, pulled out of Mobile World Congress, earlier this month, the company has now done the same for GDC.

The Game Developer Conference.

These withdrawals come amid escalating Corona Virus fears.

GDC Logo

Microsoft made the announcement saying that it will no longer join the event as it puts the health and safety of players, developers, employees, and partners worldwide at the top of its priority — as it very much should.

Instead, the company will hold a digital only event from March 16 to 18, where the planned game developer sessions and experiences will be featured.

And this event will be available on demand from streaming via the Game Stack website.

The event will feature the latest in cloud and game development technologies from Microsoft. Xbox Game Studio teams like Double Fine, inXile, Compulsion, Rare, Obsidian, and Undead Labs will also hold discussions during the livestream.

Packed ceremony, even if it is not happing on the show floor in San Francisco.

Then again, Microsoft is not alone in pulling out from this gathering. Unity also made the decision citing the same concern, while Facebook also announced a similar move. These companies will be putting up their prepared content online for followers to consume.

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