Microsoft pushing ahead with Kinect hardware integration for Windows 8

Microsoft are continuing to push the Kinect into new hardware platforms. The push seems to correspond with the upcoming release of Windows 8.

You may remember that a year ago, we published a rumor that seemed to be heading in this direction.

An excerpt:

The Kinect 2 will be between 40 to 60% smaller than the current Kinect and may have a totally different sleeker design.

The purpose of the redesign will be to get it onto corporate and home desktops/laptops without a large footprint – basically consumers will be able to look at it like a webcam.

The smaller version of the kinect will then be integrated with Windows 8 and you will be able to use it for security authentication as well as other advanced operating system features in development.

Well seems like at least part of that rumor was accurate.

The Daily is reporting that Microsoft have confirmed that some Asus Laptop prototypes with the Kinect integrated into them are official prototypes.

In addition to the use of touch monitors for Windows 8 Metro, I fully expect that Microsoft will be looking to encourage development of Kinect applications for use with Windows 8.

Having used the Kinect before, I think that it’s not bad but I’m not sure it’s ready for full bore laptop use.

Time will tell..

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