Microsoft Puts Up A Spring Cleaning Section On The Windows Store

The Windows Store is well on its journey to success after reaching an important milestone. Microsoft regularly puts up new software subcategories that provide access to several themed Windows 8 applications at once.

The software giant has now put up a new software category in the Spotlight section that could help you “get a fresh start”, as the official description states. The explanation details it best:

“Spring cleaning means getting rid of what’s old and organizing what’s left. These apps offer smart solutions for clearing out and cleaning up. Take advantage of their tips and spring cleaning won’t be so tough.”

The new section is filled with productivity apps — most of them freeware. But a bunch of organizers and to-do list applications carry a paid license too.

Do hit up the Windows Store to check out this section and find out whether you fancy a download or two. As is usually the case, this is most definitely a temporary software section, and Microsoft will soon replace it with something new as it sees fit in the near future.

The Windows Store very recently crossed the 50,000 apps count (according to unofficial sources, by the way), and the quality of the applications is slowly on the rise as well.

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