Microsoft Q1 2019 Revenue Soars To $29.1 Billion

With cloud and gaming spearheading growth for the technology giant. As promised, Microsoft is here with its Q1 2019 earnings reports, with the numbers painting a very interesting picture.

As always.

The report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 is available here.

And it shows that the firm brought in $29.1 billion in revenue, which makes for an 19% increase over the same quarter last year. Back then, Redmond pulled $24.54 billion. In terms of the divisions, Windows revenue came flat and Azure turned in a lower than 80% growth for the first time.

Gaming revenue, surprisingly, ticked up 44%.

Operating income is listed at $10 billion, showing a notable 28% growth, while net income came in 34% higher at $8.8 billion. Diluted earnings per share stand at $1.14 after a 36% increase.

Breaking things down to business divisions, Windows OEM revenue saw an uptick of 3%, and that is all coming from the Pro version of the operating system that saw an increase of 8%. The other type of revenue actually declined by 5%.

Windows commercial products and cloud services numbers were up 12%, however.

Likewise, Surface revenue witnessed an increase of 14%. Obviously, this quarter last year was the first full quarter where the 5th generation Surface Pro and Surface Laptop were available, replacing what was the stale Surface Pro 4.

So, while these two divisions are what would interest you the most, there are good things to report on Azure, which was once again the big growth magnet for the company with a 76% increase.

Server products grew 10%, Enterprise Services 6%, while Enterprise Mobility came in with a 59% increase and now actually has 88 million seats. Speaking of seats, there are now 155 million commercial Office 365 monthly active users, and 32.5 million subscribers.

LinkedIn, meanwhile, grew by 33%, with Microsoft noting that it showed strong momentum across all lines of business.

When it comes to gaming, Xbox Live users grew by 8% to 57 million, and this includes figures on Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android and any other platform that the service is available on.

All in all, not bad for three months’ work.

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