Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Updated For Chemistry

Chemistry Research

Microsoft has updated its Quantum Development Kit for chemistry research, adding in new features and deeper integration with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

But the big highlight is the addition of a broad quantum chemistry library that the company hopes will help drive research in the field using the power of quantum computing. New Q# language capabilities ae also part of the package.

The company detailed this newest refresh in a post on the Microsoft Quantum Blog.

Developers can avail an array of new and improved features, including live feedback as they type, along with errors that are now indicated by underlines and warnings.

Enhancements to the Q# programming language unify how developers code common operations like iterations over arrays, which makes coding both easier and faster.

The introduction of the all-new chemistry library, however, is especially welcome, because it expands the capabilities of the kit for use in developing quantum simulations in chemistry, in a wide range of fields.

As Microsoft explains:

“Quantum computers have the potential to solve the world’s hardest computational problems and forever alter our economic, industrial, academic, and societal landscape. One significant area is computational chemistry, where quantum computers will drive advancements in areas such as drug discovery, development of pigments and dyes and the development of catalysts for industrial processes.”

As an example, a quantum computer may help identify a way to remove carbon from our environment more efficiently to combat global warming.

The kit also includes simulation tools that can mimic execution on a quantum computer that allows users to optimize their code and estimate the resource cost of running on a real quantum computer with the help of the included Trace Simulator.

The updated kit also includes detailed documentation, tutorials, libraries, sample algorithms and Q# code to get developers up and running and begin using it quickly. These can be accessed here.

You can download the updated Microsoft Quantum Development Kit for immediate use by pointing your web browser to this link.

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