Microsoft Has Quietly Blocked Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak

Well, it had to happen one day or another! Redmond waited months and months, but with the recent release of Windows RT 8.1, the company has finally decided to block the jailbreaking method on the ARM based version of its flagship operating system.

The new version obviously brings around several new enhancements for tablet owners, but it also blocks the jailbreak method that was found earlier this year.

Long story short, jailbreaking is not possible on devices that are powered by Windows RT 8.1.

Microsoft has not publicly talked about this, however — and there is every chance that the company will not do so — but people behind the original project are now claiming that they are looking for new methods to bypass these restrictions.

For the uninitiated, jailbreaking allows the running of unsigned code on a hardware device.

In this particular case, it allowed for the possibility of running third-party software on ARM devices powered by Windows RT, including Microsoft’s Surface RT. And for owners of these tablets, it opened up bright new horizons.

Developer communities got together to tweak and modify traditional Windows software to run on these hacked devices. Desktop programs including web browsers and games were recompiled so that they could be installed and run on Windows RT devices.

And even though Microsoft warns that such a procedure creates security risks for users, the Windows RT jailbreaking story is far from over.

What about you guys? Have any of you jailbroken your Windows RT device? And does this blocking means you will be delaying the upgrade to Windows RT 8.1? Do comment.

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