Microsoft quietly updates list of supported CPUs for Windows 11

October 24, 2022

Time for an update? Sure, why not! We have had a lot of happenings in the hardware and software space the past few months, starting with the arrival of the Windows 11 2022 Update.

This was sandwiched between the arrival of new generation processors in the form of the Zen 4 based AMD Ryzen 7000 series and, of course, the 13th generation Core lineup from Intel that goes by with the codename of Raptor Lake.

No better time than now, then, to make some updates to the processor support for the OS.

Although the hardware requirements for Windows 11 have not changed much since the unveiling of the operating system, Microsoft has added a separate list of CPUs for the 22H2 update for the operating platform.

So, in case you were hoping that currently unsupported hardware would suddenly be supported, that ain’t happening, chief!

Nevertheless, you can view the updated list of supported processors for Windows 11 version 22H2 at their respective pages for the breed of CPUs.

This is, obviously, something that is likely to be continually updated as new processors make their way out in the wild. Or, maybe even when older chips are taken off the list due to the sudden discovery of flaws and vulnerabilities.

You never can tell these days!

Still, that’s not a thing that is stopping people from running the latest and greatest version of Windows on terribly outdate hardware.

Some even exclaim that it runs like magic!

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