Microsoft Racks Up $35 Billion In Q3 2020 Revenue

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Microsoft is here with its latest quarterly earnings report, for the quarter ending on March 31, 2020. And the numbers show that the technology giant made a total of $35 billion in revenue.

Up a solid 15% over the same quarter last year.

Dive into the full details here, but as has usually been the case, this growth has been driven by the Intelligent Cloud unit within the company — the biggest business of the three divisions that Microsoft is engaged in.

Intelligent Cloud came in good with $12.3 billion in revenue, a 27% increase year-over-year. Second biggest is Productivity and Business Processes, with $11.7 billion in revenue for a 15% growth. More Personal Computing, meanwhile, is not too far off either, with some $11 billion, with a 3% growth.

All combined, operating income was $13 billion, a 25% increase, while net income is listed as $10.8 billion for a 22% uplift.

Distilling things down further, we have some interesting statistical highlights.

Like there are now more than 39.6 million Office 365 consumer subscribers, while commercial seats of the cloud-based productivity suite grew by 20% to end up at a dizzying 258 million seats. LinkedIn revenue also grew by 21%, with sessions seeing a 26% uptake at the business-oriented social network.

Azure increased its revenue by 59%.

But things are rather flat on the More Personal Computing side of things. Windows OEM Pro revenue grew by 5%, driven by remote work demand. But supply chain constraints meant that the OEM non-Pro numbers declined by 10%.

There is also an increased pressure in the entry-level segment by Chrome OS.

Rounding up the numbers are figures for the Surface business, which is up 1%, thanks to remote work demands. But it is also offset by supply chain issues in China.

Gaming numbers are also a mixed bag, with a 1% decline, though Xbox content and services are up 2%.

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