Microsoft Ready To Open Store In Hawaii, Donates To Local Charities

Redmond continues its aggressive retail expansion, this time with the news that the technology titan will officially open its first retail store in Hawaii on June 13.

And to celebrate the occasion, Microsoft will donate software to a number of local charities.

This was revealed in a report by BizJournals that writes that Microsoft will offer $1.3 million worth of software to five different Hawaiian nonprofits, thereby doing its bit to support the community along with providing access to its latest products:

The director of communications at Goodwill, Rick Kuwahara, was quoted as saying:

“It’s directly tied to their opening on June 13 in Ala Moana. It’s really fantastic what they’re doing. They’re going to help us get one of our trucks out there to collect donations. So we’re tying it to our Dell Reconnect program where we take computers and computer-related equipment — working or not working — and we recycle it safely.”

This new retail location will offer several of the company’s products, from hardware devices based on Windows 8 and Windows Phone, Surface tablets, the operating system itself, along with Xbox 360 gaming consoles and more to the Island State.

Microsoft is preparing to open several new stores across the United States, as part of its plan to expand its retail presence in the country. Word is that the technology titan is also planning to bring its Microsoft Stores to Europe in the near future.

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