Microsoft Readying A New 5-Inch Windows Phone Handset

A flagship? Nah, not with a 720p display. Microsoft seems set on not launching premium Windows Phone handsets until the next version of its mobile operating platform has taken shape.

And this is a strategy that has alienated a lot of folks.

Obviously, many of the premium Lumia handsets are now more than a year old. But while the technology giant has expanded the lineup with several budget and midrange handsets, flagship devices are not in sight.

At least not yet they are not.

Evidence of a new device has just been spotted at AdDuplex, and while it is a 5-inch device, going by the name of RM-1072, very little is known about this new project at this point.

It is a codename that popped up late 2014 in online logs, and there is word that it has recently passed certification in Indonesia. Rumored specifications include 1GB of RAM along with 16GB of storage space, but most other details are scarce at the moment.

Nothing solid on the release date front either.

But with Mobile World Congress zeroing in fast, there is a possibility that this new handset might go official by March 2015. And it might not be the only one, as the anticipated event serves as a perfect launch pad for unveiling more models.

Now only if Microsoft could surprise us with some high-end Lumia phones.

Wouldn’t that be something!

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