Microsoft Really Should Develop This Taskbar Idea

Taskbar Icon Groups

It’s not often that you get a new feature suggested for the trusty old Taskbar, but a new user has put up an idea that Microsoft might find is worth pursuing.

There are two kinds of people in this world — those you use the Taskbar, those who don’t.

The former like to keep the Taskbar on their device free of clutter, and sans icons. They rely on the Start Menu or desktop shortcuts to launch their apps on Windows 10. And really, the modern OS makes it terribly easy to do so.

Then again, there are the other type who have pinned everything to the Taskbar to quickly run whatever they need from this convenient location on the screen.

If you are in the latter camp, then this new suggestion might entice you.

A Reddit user has proposed a design that is basically icon grouping on the Taskbar. The idea is to make organizing things there easy, yet at the same time allow you to pin all that you need there and assign shortcuts to quickly launch your most used programs or favorite websites.

This is how it might look:

Taskbar Icon Groups

Useful, huh?

Thing is, Microsoft rarely updates its shell in this fashion these days. The Taskbar, for example, has not evolved too much from the previous versions of the operating system. Certainly not in terms of features, as other areas of Windows 10 have.

In that sense, a change like this might be very welcome by a group of users.

But will Microsoft move ahead? That be the question!

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