Microsoft Really Wants You To Use The New Edge

Puss In Boots Please

We insist. Microsoft, fresh off the launch of the new Edge, is now squeezing in ads left and right, wherever it can, urging users to abandon their current web browser and hop onto Edge.

These promotions, some of which can be rather pestering and persistent, are designed to promote the new web browser. Yet, at the same time, they take a dig at other browser on the market as well, like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Essentially, as noted, Microsoft has started to feature a very prominent note atop its website that suggests these users may be getting a subpar experience.

In particular, the slogan that says “Microsoft Edge + Outlook = Better together”.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not indicate why it believes its in-house web browser is better than other choices when it comes to enabling a better experience for Outlook users.

Perhaps, a dedicated landing page that detailed these improvements would have served well here.

It’s a browser eat browser world out there!

Outlook Edge Ad

In any case, above is an image of the different slogans that have surfaced across Microsoft apps and services, and even in the Start Menu in Windows 10. All in a bid to push the new web browser to more users, and introduce its capabilities to folks that are yet to try the new Edge.

And below is a list of all the ad combinations that Microsoft is using.

Outlook Edge Ads

While there is no denying that the switch to the Chromium engine has made the new Edge a very capable solution for web browsing.

But maybe, you know, a less aggressive campaign to promote it by good word of mouth could have worked better here. As opposed to plastering ads across all corners of Windows 10 and the company’s own web services?

What say you?

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