Microsoft release Skype version 1.0 for Windows Phone

Microsoft’s use of Skype after the acquisition. Now it seems we’re starting to see some movement. Today, Microsoft released version 1.0 of Skype for Windows Phone, taking the client out of beta and into a final shipping version. The 6 MB free Skype for Windows Phone app runs on Windows Phone 7.5 devices and higher. It works over WiFi or 3G. Version 1.0 replaces the beta of the app which Microsoft rolled out at the end of February. This release adds the ability to search for and add new contacts and call land lines. It does have some limitations however – it doesn’t allow background calling, meaning you can only receive calls when the app is running. TheVerge are quoting a Skype spokesperson as saying (regarding the limitation) that it’s due to:

“a combination of how Skype works and how the Windows Phone OS works.”
Analyst expect much deeper integration with Windows Phone 8.]]>

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