Microsoft Releases 2 PowerToys Versions


Well, that’s a first. Microsoft has ousted two versions of its PowerToys tool, one that packs in a bunch of fixes, and another prerelease version that the firm calls experimental.

These come a little more than a month after the last major release that being 0.20.

PowerToys 0.21.1 is all about stability, localization, and the quality of life improvements for the both development team and the users. And to that end, it enhances features like Run and FancyZones, while adding in some accessibility improvements.

Also updated is the PowerToys Run tool that adds support for URLs, and at the same time speeding up the performance and the display of results.

PowerToys Mute

Interestingly, PowerToys 0.22 is the version that adds in a new feature in the form of the global ability to mute calls from anywhere in the system. This negates the need to navigate to the relevant app in order to mute the audio or video calls.

Microsoft labels this as the Video conference mute feature.

You get a quick toggle UI to mute audio and video this way, to go alongside a few shortcut keys to perform the action.

With the pandemic leading more users to work remotely, this new addition comes in the nick of time.

Redmond has also fixed a bunch of issues in this round, though as always there are a few known issues that you should be aware of before moving to either of these two new releases.

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