Microsoft Releases Fixed MS13-061 Patch For Exchange Server

Boy, this month’s Patch Tuesday sure has sent a few tremors across the technology world. Both end users and enterprise customers had to deal with a couple of botched updates that slipped by from the Redmond campus.

One of the patches that caused trouble was MS13-061. The company quickly pulled this update (along with one another) after discovering the glitches.

And now Microsoft has just published a brand new version of the MS13-061 security bulletin, while claiming that this new build should work without any issues. Still, the company recommends IT administrators to thoroughly test it out before deploying.

Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys, explained in a statement:

“Microsoft reissued MS13-061 today to include Exchange 2013 again. You should be able to install it now without issues, but it makes sense to test the installation in your environment and/or wait until your next downtime for the installation.”

MS13-061 was originally rolled out to address three different vulnerabilities that were unearthed in Microsoft Exchange Server. These could allow an attacker to take control of an unpatched vulnerable system.

However, Redmond has stopped delivering the botched update soon after reports surfaced claiming that the security bulletin was the cause behind corruption of the index database.

This fixed new version released today is, once again, distributed via the built-in Windows Update feature, so no user input is necessary for deployment. You can check out more details about this bulletin at this link.

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