Microsoft Releases Group Tabs Extension For Edge

And it’s not what you think it is. A new extension for Microsoft Edge is now available for download, with Redmond following on the heels of the latest major update for Google Chrome.

That one had Google bringing support for tab groups on its browser.

Not the one to be left out of the hype and miss out on the fun, Microsoft too is here with its own little creation that is available for download on the Edge Addons website. And while it doesn’t quite match up with the functionality that Google added in, it’s still a neat addition to the Edge ecosystem.

As Microsoft explains in the description:

“This add-on enables you to select and share data, links and other info at the click of a button; helping you save time and effort. What is even more interesting is that you can also choose the way you would want them to be shared – As – URLs only, HTML, CSV, JSON.”

In other words, this is not the one if you want to add support for tab groups on the new browser, and making Edge work the same way as the latest version of Chrome. The purpose of this extension is totally different.

This one simply allows you to make a selection of the tabs running in your browser, and then share them in a variety of different formats.

Oh, and as far as the real tab groups are concerned, seeing that they are officially part of the Chromium project now, it’s just a matter of time until this feature makes its way to Microsoft’s application as well.

In the meantime, get this new addon straight from the official site below.

Download: Group tabs & share

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