Microsoft Releases Outlook Apps For iOS And Android

Microsoft announced their acquisition of Acompli back in December. This was a company that built high quality email apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps were quite popular.

Hence the purchase price north of $200 million, according to reports.

It was a given then, that these apps would be repackaged and repurposed into Microsoft branded solutions. Outlook was the most logical branding, and just in a matter of months, the software titan has made available Outlook for iOS in final form, and Outlook for Android in beta.

The apps are now live on the App Store and Google Play Store, and should provide a high quality mobile email experience for users — complete with traditional Outlook features, of course.

Of course, countless email apps are already available on these two mobile platforms are, but Accompli had built a bit of a reputation, good enough to separate them form the myriad of other choices that these two repositories housed.

Hopefully, with the force of Microsoft behind them, these further improve with each update.

But this does show that Redmond is keen on expanding its mobile presence, and for the company, Windows is not something that always comes first. Going where the customers are, Microsoft.

You can grab the Microsoft Outlook Preview app on Android or iOS.

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