Microsoft Releases Surface RT And Surface Pro Firmware Updates

Redmond continues to enhance the software side of its Surface lineup of tablets, and this time both Surface RT and Surface Pro get new firmware as part of their regular monthly schedule.

These enhancements include a new set of functions for Surface RT owners that use the Touch and Type Cover keyboards.

According to the Surface RT update history page, this new update will provide the tablet with the ability to toggle function keys, new shortcuts, and helpful keyboard navigation improvements when using either the Touch or Type Covers.

This new update also brings some changes to the home button on Surface RT, which basically improves the reliability of the devices waking up immediately on the first button press.

The Surface Pro, on the other hand, only received one update this month, which concerns the improvements for the LifeCam driver to enhance clarity for low light operation and improve readability when switching between the integrated camera and an external camera.

These keyboard enhancements were already available for the Pro version of the tablet, and it is good to the see the Surface RT users being treated to these.

Just like previous firmware updates, these new improvements are delivered to the Surface tablets via the integrated Windows Update option. Microsoft recommends users to fully charge the device before deploying the new firmware, as running out of battery while install the updates could brick it.

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