Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Pro Update for Small Business Security

Windows 10 security

If there is one thing that small business owners are worried about, its productivity and data security. Now, with the latest update to Windows 10 Pro, there’s no more need to worry.

Microsoft says, “Hard encryption is now easy with a key-rolling feature that securely rotates recovery passwords on Mobile Device Management (MDM)-managed devices.

What’s more, the latest update will also enhance users’ productivity in Cloud Clipboard, Calendar, Search your PC and OneDrive.”

What’s New

The update contains the following enhancements:


Small businesses are the targets of just over 40% of data breaches and that makes data security their top priority. Windows 10 Pro has a BitLocker feature that allows  a business to encrypt all data on all devices and, to unlock the data, every user will require a BitLocker key.

And if a user cannot unlock their data,  they must have recovery passwords to get access.

A rolling feature has been introduced to rotate the recovery passwords on MDM (Mobile Device Management) devices and Microsoft says,

“Whenever Microsoft Intune/MDM tools or a recovery password is used to unlock a BitLocker-protected drive, it activates this feature. As a result, the recovery password will be better protected when users manually unlock a BitLocker drive.”

So even if recovery passwords were accidentally disclosed, your data is still safe.


Every business wants to improve productivity,, none more so than the smaller business and Microsoft goes a long way towards helping them. The latest update allows users to:

  • Use the taskbar to add calendar events
  • Search their local storage, OneDrive and online from one location
  • Copy/paste content between PCs using a cloud-based clipboard. Employees can use their Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Account login details to get in and pin content that needs to be pasted over and again.

In short, the Windows 10 Pro update saves time and increases productivity.

You can get more information about these Windows 10 Pro updates here.

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