Microsoft Removes Fake VLC Player App

The things people do to earn a pretty penny these days.

One of the most highly anticipated native Windows 8 apps is the upcoming VLC Player application currently being developed and set for release in the next couple of months.

But while developer VideoLAN is busy porting the official app to Microsoft’s latest OS, it has not stopped people from coding small apps and trying to cash in on the public anticipation.

One such app that recently showed up on the Windows Store was called “VLC Media Player 8”, with a very obvious ploy to trick people into believing they are downloading the official solution from VideoLAN.

The app was developed by a chap named Senthilkumar Thangavelu, and retailed for $2.99 — a sure fire indication that this is fake as VLC Player is distributed as a freeware on all platforms.

Luckily, the app was banned from the Windows Store, with the product page confirming the deletion.

Submission to the Windows Store is primarily automatic, with the apps going live after security checks, but it is nice to see the folks over there taking the app down quickly.

Sadly another similar app is still available, trying to cash in on the VLC interest. This one tries to fly under the radar by being labeled Windows 8 Player and comes with the same minimalistic modern interface.

No harm in developing and selling a capable video player for the platform, but if you are going to do something (and charge for it) then do it right and add as many features as you can.

If the developers over at VideoLAN do their due diligence, the VLC Player will pretty much corner the media playback realm on Windows 8 once it is released.

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