Microsoft Removes Tetra Lockscreen App From The Store

Make room for another unexpected move. Along with announcing the Surface 3 tablet, Microsoft has removed the Tetra Lockscreen app from the Windows Phone Store.

Yes, the very customization application that launched this past October.

The work of Microsoft Garage division within the company.

Sure, the plan was only to test the idea with a little help from interested users, and it seems that the company has gathered enough information here. Speaking of which, no information why the app was pulled or whether it will launch at a later time.

Or you know, will we see some of its features implemented somewhere else.

Like Windows 10 for Phones, for example?

All Microsoft had to say was a notification on the Windows Phone Store confirming the retirement of the app, along with a thanks for the feedback sent by the users, saying that they learned a lot.

The Tetra Lockscreen application was simply just a way to bring widgets to the Lock Screen on Windows Phone devices. Widgets like weather, maps, calendar and a stopwatch. It remained one of the few ways for users to customize their handsets.

But given the positive response Microsoft received for the application, there is every chance that we may see some of its features implemented natively into Windows 10 for Phones.

We shall see.

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