Microsoft Reportedly Initiates Plan To Merge Windows RT And Windows Phone

Brace for impact! A grand revolution is coming to the Windows platform. Reports are coming in that Microsoft has initiated work on several notable changes for upcoming versions of its flagship OS.

And prime amongst them are the updates reserved for its mobile platforms.

Microsoft insider MSFTnerd wrote on Twitter that Terry Myerson, the man in charge of the operating systems division inside Redmond has finally decided to slowly merge Windows RT with Windows Phone in the coming future.

Slowly, in this case, being a period of around two years.

As it stands, Microsoft plans to use the GDR update cycle to deliver these improvements to users, with things kicking off with the first such release that is on track for an early 2014 launch.

The famous tipster wrote:

“Windows will be developed in 2 separate but synced branches, namely Windows for SoC and Windows for datacenters, with the latter to come in two different versions (x86 and ARM).”

Three different GDR updates are said to be in store for 2014, with each one bringing the two platforms closer to one another. Redmond is obviously yet to comment on these rumors, surely not so early on, but this is not the first time people have talked about a merger of the Phone and RT platforms.

There may surely be some behind this — how much, only time will tell.

But with Windows RT pretty much becoming a niche platform of sorts, with hardware partners shying away from the Windows on ARM concept, it only makes sense.

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