Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Encrypt Its Internet Traffic To Block NSA Breaches

So this is how it goes. There is a clear and present suspicion that the NSA may be monitoring the global communications systems of major technology companies to collect user data.

And for this reason companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook have decided to encrypt their Internet traffic in order to better prevent against NSA hacks. Microsoft, it seems, is ready to join these companies in encrypting its data connections.

According to this report over at The Washington Post, Redmond believes that the NSA actually did breach into some of its servers, and is now implementing an encryption system to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Google, for instance, has already implemented a 2048-bit encryption system, while Yahoo and Facebook have announced similar plans for the near future.

Microsoft is yet to announce a statement on such a plan, however top Redmond officials are set to meet this week to discuss and iron out a new strategy. And well, the company also recently revealed that message encryption for Office 365 will be rolled out early next year.

By the way, reports on a potential breach in Microsoft services by the NSA emerged last month in documents leaked by Edward Snowden, whereby details of a secret new program that goes by the name of MUSCULAR was used by the US intelligence to intercept data from a number of companies.

Popular Microsoft services like Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and Passport were referenced to be part of the aforementioned surveillance project.

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