Microsoft reveal more details about Windows RT RTM and RT alliances

Windows RT has RTM’ed. The quote:

The measurements are based on firmware still undergoing final optimizations, and the just released Windows RT RTM code, and will only improve as the PCs move towards manufacture.
Anyway, they go on about  the partnerships coming aboard the Windows RT train – Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and Dell so far. In addition, they talk about some of the performance stats they are seeing and will be pushing for in new Windows RT machines:
  • HD Video Playback – 8 hours to 13 hours of run time
  • Connected Standby – 320 hours to 409 hours of run time.
Very decent numbers. In addition, they talk about some stats they are seeing in new Windows RT devices across their partnerships.
  • Weight (g) ranges – 520g to 1200g
  • Length (mm) – 263mm to 298mm
  • Width (mm) – 168.5mm to 204mm
  • Height (mm) – 8.35mm to 15.6mm
Also respectable. It’s a good post but the moral of the story is this – Microsoft are very interested in the ARM version of Windows 8 – Windows RT. Based on the amount and type of collaborations that they are working on, it should be a good Fall season for computing. Source]]>

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