Microsoft reveal new file management features in Windows 8

brand new blog post on their Windows blog, they have revealed some pretty coool new file management features in Windows 8. Some of the basics: They acknowledge that copying a whole bunch of files at once was not an ideal experience in Windows 7 and below, apart from taking a long time, it’s often hard to figure out how long it will take. They are trying to make some improvements. They state that there are 3 main goals for improving the copy experience in Windows 8.

  • One place to manage all copy jobs: Create one unified experience for managing and monitoring ongoing copy operations.
  • Clear and concise: Remove distractions and give people the key information they need.
  • User in control: Put people in control of their copy operations.
Some more quotes:
Our focus is on improving the experience of the person who is doing high-volume copying with Explorer today, who would like more control, more insight into what’s going on while copying, and a cleaner, more streamlined experience. First, we’ve consolidated the copy experience. You can now review and control all the Explorer copy jobs currently executing in one combined UI. Windows 8 presents all pending copy jobs in this single dialog, saving you from having to navigate through multiple floating dialogs looking for the one you need. [caption id="attachment_5859" align="alignnone" width="465"]Consolidated copy Windows 8 Consolidated copy jobs – Windows 8[/caption]
They have also added the ability to pause, resume, and stop each copy operation currently underway- giving the user control over which copy jobs will complete first. [caption id="attachment_5860" align="alignnone" width="463"]Ability to pause copy job in Windows 8 Ability to pause copy job in Windows 8[/caption] They have also added a new detailed view with a real-time throughput graph. Now each copy job shows the speed of data transfer, the transfer rate trend, and how much data in left to transfer. [caption id="attachment_5861" align="alignnone" width="400"]Windows 8 copy - detailed view Windows 8 copy – detailed view[/caption] Also, they have cleaned up the experience of resolving file name collisions. The new design is much more clear, concise, and efficient, providing a much more visible and actionable approach to conflict resolution. All the files from the source are on the left. All the files in the target location with file name collisions are on the right. The screen layout is easy to understand and shows you the critical information for all the collisions, front and center in one dialog. You can see the old and new dialog box below (click for larger image) [caption id="attachment_5862" align="alignnone" width="590"]Windows8 conflict resolution dialog box old and new Windows8 conflict resolution dialog box old and new[/caption] Finally, they have tried to make the overall interaction a lot smoother and have removed redundant messages. They also posted a video that you can see below. Cool stuff.]]>

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