Microsoft Reveals AI For Earth Innovation Grant Winners


Changemakers. Microsoft revealed its AI for Earth program last year, as an initiative committed towards harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to solving some of our biggest environmental challenges.

It invested $50 million in the program last December.

While also outlining its intention of offering more grants to universities and nongovernmental organizations under this program. This led to the company partnering up with National Geographic to introduce a $1 million AI for Earth Innovation Grant program in July.

The idea was to offer grants to anywhere between 5 and 15 recipients, providing them with financial support as well as access to Microsoft cloud and AI tools.

Today, the company has announced the winners at an event at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC.

The 11 recipients are:

  • Ketty Adoch
  • Torsten Bondo
  • Kelly Caylor
  • Joseph Cook
  • Gretchen Daily
  • Stephanie Dolrenry
  • Africa Flores
  • Solomon Hsiang
  • Holger Klinck
  • Justin Kitzes
  • Heather J. Lynch

The financial support provided by the program will enable them to perform diverse research.

Interestingly, the funding for the selected projects has been upped to $1.28 million, with the decision being fueled by the high caliber of over 200 applicants. Each will now receive financial support ranging from $45,000 to $200,000 to support their research projects.

They will also be provided access to Microsoft Azure and AI tools, financial support, and inclusion in the National Geographic Explorer community, as well as affiliation with the National Geographic Labs.

Further details of the research work that these individuals are doing are available at the link above.

Good going.

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