Microsoft Rips Into Google For Blocking Its YouTube App

As long as there are no consumer causalities, a bit of a skirmish between technology titans is good entertainment. Microsoft and Google, however, are on the path of a full blown war, it seems.

Google, as we reported earlier today, once again blocked the YouTube app that Microsoft created for Windows Phone users. And it was said that both companies were collaborating on this mobile app, after the first version was blocked due to violation of the terms of service.

And now Microsoft has published a letter that slams Google and their antics of blocking the app.

It is quick, it is lengthy, and it is lethal — Microsoft has nicely worded how it feels, and claims that the reason the app has been blocked is are manufactured solely to shut down Microsoft’s application.

The search engine giant says that it blocked the app because it did not use HTML5 for the foundation of the application. Microsoft says that this was a rather strange request, considering the apps that Google created for iOS and Android are not in HTML5.

Not to mention coding such an app in HTML5 would take an awfully long time.

Redmond absolutely nailed it this time, and the letter is an interesting read, though the company does take swipes at the search engine giant between the lines for matters other than the YouTube app.

Your say on this, friends and neighbors? Let’s hear it!

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