Microsoft Rolls Out A Surface Bulk Purchase Program For Businesses

Now this is something the head of IT departments in various enterprises and companies the world over would have been waiting for. They can now purchase the Surface tablets in volume.

Hopefully, this also means that most of the supply issues faced by Surface slates are behind us now.

Obviously, it is up to the organizations to decide whether the Surface is a good option for them, but enterprises that intend to buy the devices in bulk now have an easier way to do so.

And yes, the new program includes both the Surface RT as well as the Pro model of the tablet.

According to a report on ZDNet, Microsoft has just launched a new program for businesses that want to purchase a bunch of devices at once. However, getting the units could still take a while unless the organizations have a volume licensing agreement with the technology titan.

Those that do will be given preferential treatment.

And as you would expect delivery times also depend on the inventory — so if your company plans to buy hundreds of tablets, Microsoft may need more time to deliver them all to your office.

Redmond is yet to issue an official statement on this new program, clearly aimed at businesses, but Microsoft will surely be hoping this boosts sales of the device in the weeks and months to follow.

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