Microsoft Rolls Out The First Ever Lumia Denim Video

started in China yesterday, and has continued today in Europe. Though only a select few models are receiving this new software update, most of them either low end of previous generation flagships. Install base, and catering to the bread and butter hardware, and all that good stuff. Regardless, the software titan has also started publishing content to help users update their devices to the latest firmware. This video posted on YouTube serves as a confirmation that Lumia Denim will soon be available to everyone. Take a look at this uplifting little clip below: Uplifting, because this anticipated update has been a long time coming, and it brings along a whole bunch of usability improvements to compatible Windows Phone handsets. Although it is actually just some 3D rendered visuals with a sleep inducing narration to go with it! Titled “How to update to Lumia Denim”, this video basically serves as a how to guide, but also highlights a few of the features that are included in this firmware update — including Live Folders, Cortana and a wide array of camera improvements. Enjoy the video, and keep checking periodically for the notification, if you are yet to receive it on your Windows Phone handset. Should not be long now.]]>

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