Microsoft Rumors – A 7-inch Surface XBox Gaming "Mini" Tablet

Following on from the success of its Surface Tablet, the Verge reports a rumor that Microsoft is planning to release a 7-inch Surface “Mini” Tablet .

This device of course, would go head-to-head with the iPad mini, the 7-inch Google Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire in a growing segment that lies between smartphones and full-sized tablets. According to The Verge, the tablet is being produced at Microsoft facilities in California. The report states:
The Xbox Surface will likely include a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM designed specifically for gaming tasks. We’re told these specifications could be altered to accommodate an unannounced Intel SoC and that the Xbox Surface is being developed independent of specific hardware architecture. Microsoft’s Xbox Surface won’t run a full version of Windows, rather this 7-inch tablet will run a custom Windows kernel. Messaging and other tablet functions may be supported, but the focus is on gaming.
This move makes a lot of sense for Microsoft as companies like Amazon have done very well in the smaller tablet Arena, selling millions of units in the process and gradually becoming profitable doing so. The Verge continues:
Providing the project doesn’t get killed in favor of a full 7-inch Windows tablet, in the same way Microsoft axed Courier, expect to see the Xbox Surface debut ahead of Microsoft’s future Xbox console.
I believe tying this tablet project to the XBox is a mistake. If Microsoft wants to be in this space, it should be as a full-throated Surface 7-inch Mini, not as a gaming console. What do you think? Should Microsoft be in this space?]]>

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