Microsoft Said To Be In Talks To Purchase Dailymotion Video Service

report by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Orange are discussing the details of a deal that would see the former investing in Dailymotion, thereby helping the website expand and grow. Orange CEO Stephane Richard confirmed in an interview with French television channel BFM TV and said that the company is currently negotiating things with Redmond — though no decision has yet been made regarding Dailymotion from their side. No idea what role Microsoft will play in the expansion of Dailymotion if the deal goes through, but there is a chance that Orange would keep majority stake in the video service. Microsoft, then, would only provide the funds and the technology needed for growth. Nevertheless, this is not the first time Redmond has shown interest in Dailymotion. According to older reports, the company previously negotiated a potential takeover in order to help compete against Google and the juggernaut known as YouTube. And with the recent plan of transitioning into a devices and services company, there is every chance that we have not heard the end of this (potentially) interesting affair.]]>

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