Microsoft Said To Be Planning New Tablet Strategy To Take Over The Market

Better fasten your seatbelts, you are about to witness some serious Surface domination in the months to come. Word is that Microsoft has prepared its new strategy to take over the tablet market.

And this means crushing the Apple iPad and various other Android slates to become the number two provider of tablets in the retail sector.

The details of this ambitions new plan are over at, whereby Paul Thurrott states that Redmond wants to bring significantly notable changes to the way it has approached the tablet industry in the fiscal year 2014.

Fiscal year 2014 actually starts on July 1, so we will have more of an idea by then.

The report cites internal sources who claim that Microsoft wants to move some impressive tablet numbers, to the tune of 25 million units by July 1, 2014, in fact.

And for this to happen, the technology titan is preparing 8-inch Surface models that could go on sale in the coming months powered by Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue).

Along with Windows Blue, the company wants to make the most of the educational industry by bidding for every single opportunity in the market that arises — yup, you heard that right, every single opportunity that arises.

But perhaps the most interesting bit is the budget Microsoft has set aside to expand and make the Surface family of devices a success. It is said to be in the tune of $4.4 billion.

The technology titan is also looking into ways to expand the retail availability of its devices in a number of new markets including Columbia, India, Malaysia, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Again, keep in mind that these are all rumors, and nothing is official yet until Microsoft comes forward and confirms this. But the company has previous confirmed that it has high expectations from the tablet, and if this new speculation holds true, then we may well be treated to more Surface slates.

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