Microsoft Said To Be Preparing A 1.5-Inch Touchscreen Display Watch

If there is one thing this new-look Microsoft is keen on, it’s innovation. While the software titan has always traditionally invested a fair amount on research and development, but the stakes are higher this time around.

I say time around, because according to the newest murmurings, the technology titan is reportedly working on a touch-enabled wearable computing device — a watch, in this case.

A new report over at the Wall Street Journal seems to suggest that Microsoft has asked Asian suppliers to ship components for what apparently is a watch with a 1.5 touchscreen display. This could quite well be Microsoft’s answer to Apple and Samsung, as both companies are said to be working on similar units.

In fact, highly advanced watches from both camps are set for unveil in the coming months.

But in Microsoft’s case, things still seem to be in early stages. It is not yet clear whether the company wants to give the project a green light for production, or only develop a working concept for now, but there are enough signs that something is indeed cooking up in the Redmond campus.

If Microsoft does indeed release something like this in the market, it would go straight up in a fierce fight with Apple, as the fruity company is already said to be preparing what is dubbed as an iWatch.

Samsung, however, has also started work on a similar gadget, but its smart watch is still said to be in early stage of development, without any specific details revealed as of right now.

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