Microsoft Said To Be Preparing Folder Filters For SkyDrive Photos Timeline

It was not all that long ago, this May, in fact, when Microsoft added a new feature for SkyDrive subscribers that allowed them the ability to view photos in their account based on their time and event.

Obviously, this feature currently only allows users to view all their SkyDrive photos, and there are no options currently to show specific photos from a particular folder.

The technology titan is now said to be preparing some interesting (and needed) improvements to the service. A new report indicates that folder filters for the browser version of the cloud service are currently in development. is carrying a story that claims that Microsoft is trying to make viewing and managing photos stored in the cloud easier for users. The technology titan is implementing what it is calling “folder filters” to provide quick access to images stored in a specific directory on

Additionally, the company is said to be planning new customization options that allow users to configure a selected folder for timelines, along with picking up a directory as the default view for the “All photos” view mode in the browser.

Microsoft is yet to comment on these new improvements, and there is no word on exactly when the company will put up this new photo filter addition into SkyDrive.

But keeping in mind that has a remarkable history of revealing upcoming SkyDrive features before they are revealed by Redmond, there is a fair chance that this new feature could be added in the next few weeks.

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