Microsoft Said To Be Preparing Heavily Subsidized Surface RT Tablet

The Surface RT is one Microsoft product that has been in the news these past few weeks, for, shall we say, reasons good and bad. While some hardware vendors have expressed their discontent at the Windows RT platform, the tablet itself has received some tremendous push.

Microsoft has been keen on promoting its premiere tablet, and the technology titan has already announced several important discounts (and even a few charity giveaways) for the Surface RT.

But it appears that the special promos are set to continue — around the world, this time.

According to a report over at ITWire, Redmond is currently preparing a heavily subsidized Surface RT for the Australian market, as the company tries to bring the device into as many schools and educations institutions across the country as it can.

No details yet on pricing, however, but that should be unveiled soon.

Redmond, it seems, is actively trying to clear out stocks of the Surface RT ahead of the launch of the second generation Surface tablet that is expected to hit the store shelves sometimes this year.

While clearing the inventory to make room for the newer (and smaller) slate is one thing, this also provides the technology titan an opportunity to increase sales of the tablet and grow the Surface brand by reaching out to end consumers.

Initial uptake of the Surface RT has been on the slower side of things, at least when compared to the Surface Pro. And these worldwide discounts should hopefully make a world of difference before the projected launch of the second generation slate.

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