Microsoft Said To Debut Split Screen Snap View In Windows 8.1

The Snap View is one of the more significant new features of Microsoft’s newest platform. And unsurprisingly, this is something Redmond is very keen on enhancing in the upcoming Windows 8.1.

Reports emerged a few weeks back that Microsoft was working on an improved version of Snap View, than the one that is available in the base version of Windows 8.

Currently Windows 8 uses a Snap View mode that requires a horizontal resolution of at least 1366 pixels or higher. When word of Windows Blue first got out, several insides reported that this requirement was the one of the first one to go — Microsoft had lowered it to 768 pixels.

What this meant was that devices with resolutions like 1024 by 768 could snap apps and run them side by side in the Metro mode.

The 1024 by 768 resolution is currently the minimum required to run a single Metro app.

Microsoft had reportedly lowered this requirement to make way for smaller, affordable and inexpensive tablet devices running Windows Blue (codename for Windows 8.1).

Now new rumors suggest that Microsoft has introduced a 50-50 split for this particular feature of Windows 8.1. This new split screen view mode for Metro apps are said to allow users to run them side by side, both on tablets and desktop computers.

As usual take this with a pinch of salt, until Microsoft confirms this feature. But for an outsider looking in, a split screen mode would make perfect sense for the ability to put two Metro apps to use at once.

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