Microsoft Says Google Is A Corporation Not Wearing Deodorant

Sure Redmond did not use the word outright, but what a senior executive said in a recent blog post is close enough to suggest that Microsoft thinks that the search engine giant stinks.

This probably is one of the most aggressive attacks from Microsoft ever. And what this also means is that the fight between both technology rivals is showing no signs of stopping.

Stephen Weitz, the senior director of Bing talked about the recent Google I/O conference explaining that this particular event made it very clear that the world’s number one search engine wants nothing more than to monetize its user data:

“They will be paying more attention to your location, analyzing your photos and turning them into animated gifs and they’d like some credit for their innovations while rarely mentioning that all this personal data collection gives them more opportunities to show you ads.”

Expectedly, the senior executive used this occasion to praise Bing and the way Microsoft handles user data to protect their privacy. He nevertheless, made a comparison that is bound to raise some eyebrows:

“You know, for some folks – the bargain they strike with Google is fine. Just like personal space in an elevator, people have varying degrees of tolerance for how close another person gets to them, and varying degrees of comfort when that person is actually a corporation not wearing deodorant.”

Ouch! Choice words aside, Weitz concluded the lengthy blog post with some statistics — the findings of a study conducted by GFK Roper on behalf of Microsoft that revealed that 9 out of 10 people wanted Google’s privacy violations to stop once they heard about them.

Stinky company or not, Google still remains one of the most important technology companies currently around. Same can be said of Microsoft — it is impossible to deny Redmond’s significance both in the business sector and consumer domain.

What do you guys make of this latest attack by Microsoft? Is this just some good old-fashioned rivalry or something behind the curtains that we do not know about yet? Think the recent EU fine. Sound off below and share your mind.

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